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Five Lessons the Arts Teach us.

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If you are reading this and you have made it this far into our page it means that a part of you knows that art education is important. You might think, "what exactly can we learn from art? how can it benefit us?" or " I've heard about art and how significant it might be specially for children, but what does that even mean?"

Well, allow me to briefly explain a couple of lessons the arts teach. (Disclaimer: what you are about to read are only five of the 'gazillion' things we can learn from art. Keep up to date with our blog to read some more.) -Art can teach us to express ourselves. Sometimes without saying a word, engaging in any art form can help a student communicate their ideas, feelings, opinions, thoughts etc.

-Art can teach us how to explore our imagination. Art can be used as a tool to not only explore but expand your imagination and creativity. Like Maya Angelou once said about creativity: "The more you use it, the more you have"

-Art can teach us to be more creative. Let me emphasize this creativity theme a bit more... Creativity expands our perceptions, it allows us to 'think outside the box', along with this come originality, uniqueness, inventiveness and innovation. And I think we can all agree this are just plain awesome attributes any person in this world could benefit from developing. Right? right, now lets continue...

-Art can teach us to use multiple perspectives. There is not only one way to see and interpret the world. Art opens our eyes to different views and place ourselves in someone else's shoes (did I just make that rhyme?) This makes us understand others better and helps us become more sensitive to things and situations around us.

-Art can teach us that problems have solutions, and sometimes more than one. When we engage in art making we are constantly thinking about solving problems, without even realizing it. "So, how can I make this piece of clay turn into a sculpture?", or "how can I make this tree look like its in the back?". Constantly looking for solutions and ways to overcome these obstacles helps us develop our observation, reasoning and understanding skills. Convinced yet? if not, stay in the loop to read our next blog post with yet another 5 lessons the arts teach! Sign up for our newsletter to never ever miss anything from us.


Looking for art classes in Huntsville? Join us in any one of our sessions to immerse in the world of art, experiment with a range materials, learn new techniques and produce amazing work.

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