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Artis Studio's purpose is to foster a healthy, safe and fun educative environment where children are engaged in art making while developing their cognitive, physical, social and intellectual needs.

Painting classes
Drawing classes

Artis Studio is an educative choice based studio where children can explore and discover knowledge, creativity, imagination and their own skills as they develop a connection with the materials and mediums being explored. We promote an atmosphere where children can develop as independent, creative, and secure individuals, facilitating their own desire to discover, explore, and learn. Artis Studio aims to cultivate an atmosphere where parents will be at ease to leave their children knowing that they are in a safe, enriching, and stimulating environment where their child will grow as a person, artist, and creative individual.

Our main focus is to offer children a unique and nurturing experience and enriching children’s development, helping them come in touch with their own selves, respecting their uniqueness and individuality, fostering their curiosity and exploration while they progress on their problem solving skills.  We are dedicated to offering children hands- on experiences, providing a wide variety of materials and mediums to encourage creative expressions, enthusiasm, imagination, and confidence while they discover a new way of expression along with their talents and abilities.


Childhood is not only a period of great physical growth but also a remarkable phase for mental development.  The arts serve an important role in children’s cognitive development. Exercising the mind, memory, problem-solving abilities and reasoning help students develop the capacity to think critically and communicate effectively.

Burton, 2013

During art activities, children engage mentally and physically in problem solving, self-direction and decision making, while involving all sensory experiences through color, texture, smell, sound and even taste.

If you would like to read more about how the arts are important in children's development please go to our blog to find excerpts from the director's Master's thesis and other supporting articles by experts.


Eleonora is a working artist and art educator who recently graduated from Columbia University; she earned her degree in Master of Art in Art education from the Ivy League School in the city of New York. Eleonora has been a working artist since her early teenage years having found the passion for art from both of her parents who instilled the love for art at an early age.

“I wish for my students to use art as a key to open a whole new world, I want them to perceive it with curiosity, and to continue exploring and building their own edifice so they realize that there is no limit when it comes to imagination, exploration, ideas and art making.” -Eleonora Stein

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